Proprietary online panels

DataDiggers owns 18 proprietary online panels in Europe, Asia and Africa and provides access to quality online panels around the world.

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Searching for a reliable and high-quality provider of coding services? Contact us for a flawless service.

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Get cost & time competitive solutions for all your translation needs around the world.

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Tracking studies

Weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually – it’s all the same: you get the same high-quality data when running tracking studies with us.

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Online product test (iHUT)

Need a high-quality and reliable partner for online product tests (iHUTs)? Try us out.

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Online focus group

Whether it’s a preliminary stage of a quantitative study or a standalone project, you get the same high-quality for online focus groups.

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Online ethnography

Reputation in the online environment is important. Let us protect it and help you stay one step ahead of others.

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Online diary

Interested to conduct a multi-country online diary? You’re in the right place for that.

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Online community

Whether on PC or mobile device, through a mobile app or directly in-browser, we can assist you with any request for online communities.

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Offline focus group

Got an offline focus group study to conduct soon? Drop us a line and let us know all about it.

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Offline diary

Interested in studying some daily habits and must do it on pen & paper? Try us out.

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Mystery shopping

Regardless of your mystery shopping objectives and the country of field, we are always ready to help out.

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Mobile surveys

The smartphone revolution is ongoing. Contact us for a flawless service whenever you plan your next survey on mobile devices.

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IDIs (In-Depth Interviews)

Regardless of the approach – online, by telephone or face to face, you always get the highest quality when it comes to IDIs.

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Let your next ethnography study on our safe hands. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the accuracy of our data.

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Desk research

Looking to conduct any desk research project soon? Try us out. Our data reach is unmatched.

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When CAWI is not feasible, CLT can be an alternative. Try us out. You’ll be pleasantly suprised by our CLT capacities.

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This is a great methodology to use when CAWI is not feasible. Try us out on your next request for CAPI.

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If you need a highly-competitive and reliable CATI surveys provider, try us out. You’ll be amazed by our skills and speed.

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This is our core business and what we are best at. Contact us today for a non-binding quote.

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how can we help?

Contact us using these contact details or submit a RFQ directly to our sales team.

DataDiggers really helped us achieve our goals, on time and on budget. One of the few fieldwork providers with genuine panels in Central and Eastern Europe region. Thank you!

Sales Manager, Bilendi GmbH

Looking for a high quality online panel provider?